About Us

DAMPLAID SA was founded in 1989 as a partnership legal entity by Mr. Gerasimos Dimopoulos, a businessman active already in the medical market since the 60's, Mr. Andreas Dimopoulos a Hearing Aid Specialist and Mr. Thanos Tsigos an electrical engineer with an MBA.

Damplaid is working methodically to achieve its strategic goal of becoming one of the largest companies of the Greek medical sector, by providing reliable and quality products and services to the medical community.

It distributes and supports medical products of the highest quality and latest technology. It cooperates with world leading manufacturers of such products for this purpose. It implements a wide training program for its customers introducing new technologies. It also participates in a large number of activities every year in order to promote these products.

Today, Damplaid is dominating the ENT, endoscopy, urology and physical therapy-rehabilitation markets. It is also very active in the areas of surgery, gynecology, orthopedics, anesthesiology, pneumonology, gastroenterology, neurology, neurosurgery and ultrasound.

Damplaid covers the Greek market on a nationwide basis with offices in Athens (since 1989), Thessalonika (since 1991), Ioannina (since 2003), and Patras (since 2005).

Damplaid has a very capable and well educated sales and technical force, covering all specialties of interest operating out of these 4 locations.

This force is backed by a very professional team working in the logistics, accounting and administration departments using the latest technology in hardware and software. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relations management (CRM) software programs are used company wide with on line connections between all the office locations. All internal processes are certified by ISO 9001 quality standard.

Damplaid's growth has been remarkable, achieving high turnovers almost every year, since it was founded. An ambitious investment plan is being implemented in order to sustain future growth at similar rates.

In 2006 Damplaid became a Societe Anonyme legal entity, obliged to publicize its figures. This has strengthened its position among the financial and banking institutions as well as the public authorities.

Damplaid entered the retail hearing aid market by acquiring George Dimopoulos S.A. in 1992, which was the first hearing aid company established in Greece in 1945 and today has a chain of 11 retail shops all over the country. It is the distributor of leading manufacturers such as Beltone, Bernafon and Hansaton.